You know what they say about guys with big feet?

They can never find shoes.

Despite the strength of the Big & Tall menswear market in the USA and UK, retailers and designers alike seem to neglect the need for mens footwear and accessories that will fit this demographic.

Most shoemakers only develop footwear to a size 12 UK (13 US/46 EU) despite hard data that shows we are, as humans, only getting taller and larger over time.

The issue is mostly investment. The investment in the extra equipment to produce larger sizes seems unnecessary to most companies – as this means adjusting material yields and packaging. Many classic English footwear manufacturers will make a larger size, often special ordered at a premium price. We do not feel that a guy should be punished for having big feet.

We see this as an opportunity - and an extension of good customer service.

We have set out to provide quality men’s footwear to the guys with shoe sizes over the standard 12. We stock all styles and colours up to size 15UK/49EU/16US. If we are out of stock in a size or particular colour, we are happy to make one – at no extra charge.


Ramm footwear: Servicing the Big Geezers…

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