If the Shoe Fits: A practical guide to sizing online

If you are purchasing a Martel+Ram classic black leather Derby and you’re wondering about your correct size and the fit – there is a simple, at-home size guide solution you can employ to help.

Look for shoe in your wardrobe that’s of a similar design or style – even if it’s from another company. A derby is a derby – and in most cases, a derby lace-up and an oxford lace-up are made from a similar base shape. A plain-toe boot will even do in a pinch – although remember, we tend to wear heavier socks in boot weather and your boots are probably more sporty - so that could be an issue.

The size of your other lace-up shoes will help you to determine your proper size.

Most European and American shoe companies use a similar base measurement scale for making shoe lasts. While toe shapes come and go with fashion, the back half of most all shoe lasts remains standardised so that the fit of the instep and heel are proper and universal.

Don’t bother with your trainers or loafers – the fit on most athletic shoes is far less precise and we all often size up when buying sport shoes as the last shapes they are made on tend to be quite generic in shape.

A slip-on style, such as a loafer or moccasin is also a completely different animal. The fit on a slip-on is much stricter as it has to remain on the foot without laces.

Heel Height:

The Martel+Ram #Vibram #Morflex sole has a standard 25mm heel height. This is the most common measurement for a men’s classic dress shoe. This is important if you are purchasing the shoe for say... a wedding, and you have had your trousers hemmed to a certain length. You will want to wear the same shoe and heel height when fitting your trousers as the shoe you will wear on the big day or the trouser may not hang correctly.

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