Let’s talk about sweat

Compared to the rest of your body, the soles of your feet have the most sweat glands per square centimeter. 125,000 sweat glands per sole. They can generate about a half a pint of perspiration per day.

I suggest investing in a few good pairs of cedar shoe trees. Cedar wood shoe trees absorb the moisture from the lining leather and absorb it into the wood to help return the shoe to its natural shape during the drying process. They will help your shoes last longer and they will definitely smell better!

Another good tip is to rotate the shoes in your wardrobe. Use your shoe trees at the end of each day’s wear and allow them to rest and dry out for a day or two before wearing them again. This process of ‘resting’ the shoe on the last is critical part of the shoemaking process as it allows the materials to rest into the shape of the last for a better fit.

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