Lazy Summer Days in 'The Bone'

Welcome to August in the big city...

After a long year of lockdown seclusion, anyone with two pennies to rub together and the wherewithal to navigate the test-to-fly process is currently enjoying an Aperol Spritz on a beach somewhere in Mykonos, Ibiza or Capri. However...some of us Independent Retailers are still here - doors open - keeping the retail flames burning for the intrepid shoppers still roaming the streets in search of late season sales and something new to wear back to the office or a night on the town.

Marylebone Village is open for business and filled with great places to shop, dine and drink. Come to 'The Bone' for an afternoon stroll during one of these late summer days and visit us at Martel+Ram for a great new pair of men's footwear with trainer level comfort - and get yourself ready for the commute back into the office routine this autumn. We've got a great selection of soft, unlined loafers that are perfect for the weekend and workplace featuring our signature Vibram Morflex sole. You'll also find some fantastic end-of-summer discounts through the end of August.

Come to the hood, support your local independent retailers - and enjoy being able to order from the bar again!

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